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Movie Review: Expelled

Can we have a civil debate?

The movie Expelled has not been well received by the American public, and that proves the movie's point.  There should be a place for debate.  If you have not seen the movie, please do so - Ben Stein does a wonderful job of looking into the controversial subject of Intelligent Design.  He has also done work for trying to stop developers tearing up War Between the State battlefields, so he is used to controversy. 
    The film was well done, portraying the lack of academic freedom in American academia and some inconsistencies of evolution.  Perhaps the best part of the film was Ben Stein's interview with the evolutionist-atheist Richard Dawkins.   Richard Dawkins agrees with Ben Stein that life on earth is too complicated to start from nothing.   But it is here that the paths diverge.  Richard Dawkin's solution is to believe that the evolutionary process that did not work in this world, somehow worked better in a different world.  These people then sent space ships to this earth while it was still without form and jump started our process with life.  Ben Stein questions why the same process that  could not create life on this planet could create life on another planet.  When Ben Stein asked Richard Dawkins if God could be involved, Richard Dawkins immediately said no.  When pressed, Dawkins admits that because he is an atheist, therefore he can not believe in God.  Dawkin believes that because life is too  complicated to start on this earth, and because God does not exist, therefore aliens from another planet had to start life on this planet.  Here is a clear case where Dawkin's preconceived ideas (there is no God), forces him into a rather ridiculous scenario.
    Thus Dawkins states that even with alien force introducing life, it took billions of years before we could send someone to the moon.  But some how, another planet, using the same evolutionary process, was able to do all of that and send a space ship to this planet while it was still goo. 

Bottom line:  the movie Expelled is not a Christian movie as some claim.  Ben Stein is, after all, a Jew.  It is a movie about academic freedom and the complexity of life.  It also shows the dangers of monolithic thinking.  You have freedom as long as you agree with "Big Brother," which in this case is Darwinian evolution.

Re: Movie Review: Expelled

One thing that I found remarkable in the movie was the scene where the News Man asked the Science expert if any Intelegent Design papers had ever been published in reputable scientific journals.  That question was irrelevant because these journals are controlled by the same group that has an agenda to keep Intelegent Design out of the debate.  The movie points out what happens to a scientist who allows intelligent design papers to be published or authors such papers for peer review.

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