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Suicide and God's Law on our hearts

This last weekend we watched thee films, two Agathe Christie mini-films - one Poirot as a detective, one with Miss Marple as a detective, and one at the theater.  Interestingly all three depicted people committing suicide. 
   In the Bible we can read about two suicides.  In II Samuel 17:23, one of David's trusted councillors, Ahithophel, had betrayed David and thrown his lot in with Absalom.  When his sound military advice was rejected, he knew that Absalom would be beaten, and that he would be judged for his actions.  Rather than be humiliated and be judged, he committed suicide.  The second case is in the New Testament in Acts 1:18 where we read about Judas Iscariot's gory suicide.
    In our conciences, God has written his law.  Thus, throughout the world, there is a sense of right and wrong, even among those who refuse to believe in God and submit to Him as Lord of their life.  People know when they have sinned.  In Ahithophel's and Judas's cases, both knew of the evil they had done - both had betrayed their righteous masters to an evil one.  Even though they were evil, God's laws in their hearts convicted them of their sin.  Realizing the terrible deeds they had done, they committed suicide.  This also happened in the three movies we watched.  They had all greviously sinned, and therefore, took their lives.
   How much better it would be to have turned to God, repented of their sin, and then to have been restored to fellowship with God!  Instead, they went to eternal condemnation.

Tides and God's Faithfulness

(There was no blog for the last several weeks as Glenn was on vacation and then on travel for business.)
     I am the East Coast fleet representative for planning software for amphibious operations.  To conduct amphibious landings it is vital to know the tidal range  and when the tides will occur.  I was given a program that calculated sun rise, sun set, and high and low tides for 7,000 locations in the world from 1970-2038. 
    But what does the sun rising and setting, high and low tides have to do with God?  As sinners, sin clouds our view of creation, and thus prevents us from seeing God.  Only with the faith can we see God in nature.  That is not an original thought, but what John Calvin wrote hundreds of years ago in the Institutes for Christian Religion:
"But although the Lord represents both Himself and His everlasting Kingdom in the mirror of His works with very great clarity, such is our stupidity that we grow increasingly dull toward so clear testimonies, and they flow away without profiting us. . . but we have not the eyes to see this unless they be illumined by the inner revelation of God through faith. (I, V, 11 and 14).
   To translate:  I see God's handiwork and faithfulness in that man can predict accurately the tides anywhere in the world decades in advance.  When the tidal range is predicted, it may be off by an inch or so, but the tides are regular.  If high tide is to occur at 12 noon and low tide at 6 PM with a tidal range of 3 feet it occurs that way.  We don't have a high tide at 6 PM and a low tide at 12 noon.  The tidal range is not 3 feet one day an 30 feet the next.  Why?  Because I have faith in God, therefore I see God's handiwork and God's faithfulness.  For those without faith, they see Mother Nature or a different god.  When we sing "Great is Thy Faithfulness," it is not just about God's faithfulness in spiritual matters.  It is also God's faithfulness every day in making the sun to rise and set, the tides to rise and fall, the moon to wax and wane.  We serve a faithful God.  Praise Him for His faithfulness!