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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    We watched with the children Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Unfortunately we did not see it on a full movie screen.  This is the one trying to find the Holy Grail and the last scenes are in Petra.  There were two interesting scenes - one is he and his dad are on the motorcycle and he has to decide if the wants to go to Berlin and get the diary or head back to Venice.  His father says he has to go get the diary.  Indiana Jones then says "Jesus Christ" and his father swats him one and says "That is for blasphemy."  The second interesting scene is when the defender of the Holy Grail ask Indiana Jones - "Are you doing this for His Glory or your glory?"  Excellent question for all of our work.  Are we doing it for God's glory or our glory?

Earthly and Eternal Life

   This past week I celebrated by 54th birthday - over a half a century old.  I also reviewed  some goals that I had set and I realize that I am not going to accomplish them when I originally thought.  For example, I had a desire to start a museum when I retired from the Navy.  But I am been retired for ten years and I still have not started building the museum. 
   The $64,000 question then is "What are we doing here on this earth?"  In fifty years from now will any one care what I did?  Will any one remember who I was?  While humans may not care or even remember what we did here on the earth, the Lord God Almighty certainly will care and He will judge us on whether or not we have trusted in Him.  We have to do today that which pleases the Lord - we must believe in Him as our Savior and then out of gratitude for His saving us we must do that which is holy and right and just.  We must love God and we must love our neighbor.
   For that which we do here on earth will be judged by Jesus Christ - we will be judged by Him.  We have to make our choice today - either we will love Him or we will hate Him.  Whatever our decision is, will affect our eternity - either eternal life or eternal death.  Therefore, we must decide today to love Him and to trust in Him as our Savior from our sins.  Our eternal destination is decided by what we do here on earth.