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Excitement: NY Yankees and Good Friday

    I love to follow the NY Yankees - and there is quite a bit of excitement about them this year because of the big contracts they signed - $82 million dollars to A.J. Burnett and $181 million to Sabathia.  On the Yankee blog for just last night's game, in 20 hours there were over 180 posts.  There is so much excitement with the beginning of the baseball season. 
   However, I wish they would be equally excited about eternal things - like where they will spend eternity.  One hundred and eighty people have time to type in a response on a game that will quickly pass from memory, and by next year no one will even remember the game, and within a decade few will even remember who played and in 50 years, all these feats will be forgotten.
   While I am excited about the Yankees, I am even more excited about what God has done for me.  He has so loved me that  He has sent His one and only Son to die for me.  Not a $181 million dollar salary - but His own blood paid for my sins.  Because I believe in Him as my Savior, I will spend eternity with Him in heaven.  Now that is something to be excited about - not something trivial that will quickly pass from memory and will not dictate what will happen forever and ever and ever.  So today, which is Good Friday, let us remember what Jesus Christ did for us - and let us be excited about spending eternity with Him!!

Re: Title

Well Said Glenn!!!   I am also excited about what Jesus has done for me and I am so grateful for my salvation and the hope I have for my eternal future.  But tonight my heart is full for those who not only are not excited, those who have no idea or refuse to believe what Jesus did for them.   Instead, they accept the world we live in as normal and they rely on their own strength and their own goodness to get to a heaven that they look at as a fairy tale or they just have no interest at all.   Tonight, I pray for all believers to be so filled with joy for their salvation that they will be witnesses without having to say a word.    And I pray that it will start with us on the hill.   May the Holy Spirit be working tonight in hearts of all those in our community, workplaces and homes so that they would also be transformed and know the joy that we know.   

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