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Memorial Day and Love

   Many will probably say that Memorial Day and Love don't go together.  What does fighting and dying have to do with love?  Is there any correlation or are Memorial Day and Love truly an oxymoron?  Jesus Christ said that Memorial Day and Love have something very much in common, although He did not call it Memorial Day.  In John 15:13 we read these words:  "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."  This verse is on many tombstones of World War I.  Jesus commends those who are willing to give the "full duty," the ultimate sacrifice.  The soldier is willing to die to defend his friend.  They have trained together, ate together, and shared their stories together.  And in fighting, a soldier often gives his life for his friends.
      But what is even more amazing is the Jesus Christ was willing to lay down His life for us.  In Romans 5:7 we read  "Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die.  8.  But God demonstrated His own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
     So the challenge is this:  on this Memorial Day, thank a veteran for the job they have done and remember those who have died to keep us free.  Also thank God that He sent His Son to die for us while we were yet sinners and that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.

Scientists run amok

  Can scientific ideas undergo scrutiny?  A good scientific idea should be able to undergo scrutiny - should be verifiable - should be able to be tested.  Unfortunately in America we are beginning to live in a totalitarian society where free debate is often cut off because if you do not believe as the rest of the scientists believe then you are wrong, even if you have data to prove your point.
   Let me give you one example:  global warming.  The common accepted "fact" is that the world is getting warmer.  This is bad because it will cause droughts due to the lack of rain.  Look at how the Sahara is getting larger and larger.  When the ice caps melt due to rising temperatures, the coastal plains will be flooded as the sea level rises twenty feet.  Since man is to blame for this, we must reduce our emissions.
   However, there is no consensus that the world is in fact getting warmer.  The hottest year so far on record is 1934, not 2008 or 1998.  Last week I was talking to a farmer that lives near the Canadian border.  His comment was that it was one of the coldest years and he had not yet been able to plant his crops.  Granted this is a sample size of one, but from his perspective it was not at all evident that the world is getting warmer.  This year Lake Superior was half frozen over, something that has not happened in some twenty years.
    Second issue is the impact of a warmer earth.  Several years ago when there was a bad hurricane season everyone immediately jumped on the global warming band wagon and said that see this is due to global warming.  For example on this website it states "The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes worldwide has nearly doubled over the past 35 years . . . All this is happening as sea surface temperatures have risen across the globe between one-half and one degree Fahrenheit, depending on the region, for hurricane seasons since the 1970s."   Type in number of hurricanes in Google and you will notice that many articles come from 2005.  If it was true, you should see articles in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 all pointing to the same data.  However, the last two years the number and power of hurricanes is far lower than normal. And Chris Landsea, with the National Hurricane Center in Miami, says that the global warming is not causing increased number of hurricanes:
   Yet another example, if the world does get warmer, that means that the growing season gets longer and so more crops are able to be harvested.  Further, more areas are able to be farmed.  For example, great stretches of Canada will now be able to be farmed and they will be able to plant a larger variety of crops.  Is this bad?
  Third, global warming was supposed to cause the seas to rise by twenty feet and flood key cities - think New York City, or Boston, or London or Rotterdam & Amsterdam, and St. Petersburg, etc all being under water.  Now the scientists are saying that it is perhaps only half that, and even that figure they are not sure of.
   Fourth, is global warming in fact caused by man?  If it was, you would expect every year to be warmer as there are more and more humans and more and more industry. But that does not explain the cyclical nature of warming and cooling trends.  For example, around 1000 AD we have good evidence that it was fairly warm - think of Lief Erickson landing on Greenland and them finding grapes in Vineland (which is today Newfoundland).  So clearly around 1000 AD it was fairly warm.  Later it got colder and in the late Middle Ages we have reports of freezing temperatures across much of Europe.  For example in 1316 it was so cold that the entire Baltic was frozen over.  In 1317 the chroniclers wrote that the weather was so cold that it many crops could not grow at all in northern Europe and famine ensued and about 10% of northern Europeans died.  So why is global warming bad?
   My point is that science is not God and scientists do not speak for God.  Before we bow and worship every scientific thought, the scientific theories should be able to undergo tests.  Look at Galilleo - while he was right about the earth being at the center of the universe, he was wrong when he said that tides were not caused by the moon, but by the rotation of the earth on its axis.
   Scientists are often wrong - and their theories are constantly changing.  What was true last decade may be changed this decade.  But before we make a rush judgments the scientists needs to present irrefutable evidence - evidence that stands the test of time - evidence that stands up under repeated scrutiny, evidence that is not afraid of debate and discussion. 
     In contrast to the changing sands of science where once certain "facts" are proven wrong, sometimes in the next decade, I am very glad that God is true and is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I am glad that God  has proven His faithfulness and is true.  What He said two thousand years ago is just as true today as it was when it was spoken.  His Word has been tested year after year and it is true.  You can read what He has to say in the Bible - and know that it is true.  Some ardent critics when they truly looked at all the evidence with an open mind, found that the Bible is in fact it is true. In the 1880s it was Lew Wallace who tried to prove Christianity was wrong and ended up becoming a believer in Jesus Christ.  He wrote Ben Hur - A Tale of the Christ.  One hundred years later Josh McDowell was on a similar mission and after he examined the evidence he too became a believer.  He has written many books including Evidence Demands a Verdict and More Evidence Demands a Verdict. Both men were willing to think critically and after examining the evidence they came to believe in Jesus Christ.  My challenge to those who do not believe in the Bible as the Word of God is to read it critically - examine it and may you too be led to Christ as these men were.

The World Turned Upside Down: Mother's Day and Homosexuality

Last weekend there were two completely incongruous events that were celebrated in America.  First, last Sunday was Mother's Day - an American celebration that celebrates mothers.  It is a "well done" to the mothers and mothers get celebratory status.  Children who don't visit their mothers on a routine basis will visit them.  Husbands will cook a meal for their wives or perhaps take them out to dinner.  Cards are sent to them.  Flowers are sent to them.There is a joyful atmosphere. 
Second, homosexuals celebrated political victories in New England.  One by one the homosexuals are winning legal and political victories there.  This is despite the fact that a true lesbian can never be a mother as it is biological impossibility (unless she is artificially impregnated by a man).  I find it very curious that there is so much heat on this subject, and so little rational debate.  For example, when you cross a horse and a donkey you get a mule, which is always a male and can not reproduce.  If homosexuality was a natural order of things, homosexual couples would be able to naturally reproduce and therefore the males would be fathers and the females would be mothers.  But in homosexuality, since a homosexual couple are both females or are both males, biologically they can not be mothers or fathers.  Thus from a purely scientific point of view, homosexuality is not natural.  If it is not natural as they can not reproduce, then it must be a perversion.
    Thus America is at a crossroads.  It can decide either to celebrate the God given order - mothers, fathers, children or it can celebrate homosexuality.

Order and God

Order is an essential part of the human life.  Disorder causes havoc and the world could not go on with disorder.  Imagine a baseball game and the first batter gets five strikes before he is called out.  The next batter is surprised when he is called out on a single strike.  Or imagine that batter can run to any base he wants to.  He hits the ball to shortstop who fires the ball to first base, only to find that the batter has sprinted to third base.  Imagine traffic lights going from green to red, then yellow, then red, then yellow, then green.  Or your watches running counter-clockwise one hour and clock-wise the next ten minutes.  Without order the world would be a crazy place to live.  I am not saying that there can not be variety, but constant change would cause havoc and people would not be able to live.
   So from where does this need for order come?  Evolutionists would have you believe that is the natural order of things - molecules just arranged themselves, swirling masses of goo came together and there was order.  Out of chaos came order.  If that was true, why does that not work on my desk?   And the longer I wait, the worse it gets.  The same goes for the garden. 
   I contend that the created order reflects the nature of God who rules over us and created us.  We see that in the beginning God created all of one thing one day and all was orderly.  We see that in the flood, the animals came two by two to Noah.  Not some three or four or five, but two by two.  We see that after the flood God spoke these words:  "As long as the earth endures, seeedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."  We see that in sunrises and sunsets being able to be counted on.  We can go back in history and find out when the sun rose at any given time.  And we can calculate tides in the future.
  So praise God for order.  Without order we could not live.