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Pain and Hell

Last Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday I experienced some severe pain in my leg.  It was bad enough for me to toss and turn most of Saturday night, and at 3:30 AM  I could not sleep any longer and had to get up.  For the first time in over a decade, I took pain pills.  And then I thought of hell. 
     The Bible states seven times that pain in hell will be so bad that there will be "weeping and gnashing of teeth."  I had pain for three days and did not like it.  Pain for eternity is beyond understanding.  A hot shower and some pain pills allowed me to go to sleep.  Imagine pain without pain pills.  Imagine never able to get a full night's sleep. 
     Today we mock the terrors of hell.  We see signs that say "Heaven won't accept me and hell is terrified of me."  Or I am sick.  I can get better or I can die.  If I die I can go to heaven or to hell.  If I go to hell, I will be with my friend and we can party. 
      The pain that I experienced was a tiny sliver of hell here on earth.  It made me long for heaven where there will be no tears and no pain.  Come Lord Jesus.

Tolerance and the Family Research Council

On 29 July 12 I wrote a blog titled "Tolerance and Chick-Fil-A."  My basic statement was that the homosexuals are intolerant of Christians.  Two and a half weeks later, on 15 August 12, Floyd L. Corkins II, who had worked for some lesbian, gay, and transgendered organizations, walked into the Family Research Council headquarters, and pulled out a 9 mm gun and began shooting and said "I don't like your policies."  Fortunately, over a dozen homosexual organizations have condemned that attack. 
    Meanwhile the Southern Poverty Law Center had labeled the Family Research Council as a "hate group."  This is the same label they have labeled the Aryan Nation, neo-Nazis, and the Klu Klux Klan.  The Family Research Council has consistently condemned violence to homosexuals, yet because they are pro-marriage, they are listed as a "hate group."
   Meanwhile, several Chick-Fil-A restaturants were vandalized - chick-fil-a
  Yet you don't see homosexual organizations plastered with crosses. 
St. Peter writes:  "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"
So the challenge is this:  to win the argument with gentleness and respect. 

Jesus Christ and Changed Lives

This morning Youth Challenge visited our church.  Men and women who had been caught up in drugs - buying and using, selling, addicted to it so they would do anything to get another fix- steal or even sell their own bodies, are now in a program that heals them.  They have perhaps the highest success rate in Hampton Roads, but we must ask the question why.  The answer is simple, yet profound:  Jesus Christ has transformed their lives.  I am just a reporter.  They are saying it, not me.  The leader of today's group had already served more than 10 years in prison, and the prison was unable to correct or reform him.  The one person that could transform him is God.
    It was a real blessing to see so many in the program who openly admitted that they had sinned, (confessing their sins), and then singing praise to God who had saved them.  Only Jesus Christ can transform them, and He certainly transformed those that visited our church.  Jesus Christ is God and only He can save them from hell, and transform them to believers.  They have a tough row to hoe.  The addiction is there, but they have broken their chains.  Praise the Lord for His transforming power.

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