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Sex and Voting

Okay, now that I have gotten your attention.  Have you seen the latest Obama advertisement?  Lena Dunham, the star of HBO's girls, compares voting for Obama to having sex the first time.  "Your first time should not be with anybody.  You want to do it with a great guy.  It should be with a guy beautiful--someone who really cares and understands women. A guy who cares whether you get health insurance, specifically whether you get birth control.  The consequences are huge."
The full add can be seen here:
     Yes the consequences are huge.  Sex must be reserved for the marriage bed.  Someone who cares for a woman will be a gentlemen - someone what will wait for marriage before he consummates the marriage.
     The statement that whether you get birth control is not the issue.  The issue is whether the tax payer must fund birth control, including abortion.  Obama says that the tax payer and the Christian must fund birth control for everyone.  This is not the case of separation of church and state.  This is where the state is dictating to the church what they must do.  Enough of government interference with Christianity.
      Interestingly, this advertisement copies one that Vladimir Putin used last year.  The Obama campaign has sunk to new lows when he compares making love for the first time before marriage with voting for the first time.

Hospitals and Christianity

  I am reading to my son Nathanael a book on the Hospitallers, a medieval order.  The author, David Nicole, writes "Such hospitals were almost invariably attached to a church or run by people attached to a church because the Church was the only organization capable of undertaking such responsibilities."
     He seriously misreads history.  It is not that they were the only organization that was capable of undertaking such responsibilities.  It is because the Christians loved the poor that Christians started hospitals  The first hospital in the world was established by St. Basil of Caesarea in 369 AD.  It was not established by the Greeks,  It was not established by the Romans.  It was established by the Christians.  Interestingly, in French, the initial name for hospital is "hôtel-Dieu (“hostel of God”).  By the 1500s there were over 37,000 Benedictine monasteries that cared for the sick.  It is the Christians who formed the Red Cross in 1863.
      So Christians have a long tradition for healing.  This is because Christianity is based on the Great Physician, Christ Jesus.

Much of the history is taken from " accessed on 07 Oct 12.

Divine Economy

     In my last blog, I wrote about a company spending $388,888/tortoise to move 144 desert tortoises and asked "What would Jesus do?"  This blog is entitled "Divine Economy" and has nothing to do with money.  Rather, it has to do with roles and responsibilities.
     Some believe incorrectly, that obedience means that the person obeying is of less value than the person commanding.  Thus, everyone wants to be the person commanding.  Divine Economy shatters that theory.  Divine Economy means that various persons have different roles.  For example, according to John 3:16, God [the Father] so loved the world that He gave His Son.  Does this mean that God the Son is less of a God than God the Father?  Of course not.  When God the Son was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed "Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done."  So the Son submits to the Father.  And in John 14:26 Jesus states  "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name."  Christians have always contended that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are God.  However, They have different roles in our salvation.  God the Father loved us so much that He sent God the Son to the earth.  God the Father did not become incarnate (man).  God the Holy Spirit did not become incarnate.  Only God the Son became incarnate.  God the Son died on the cross.  Neither God the Father nor God the Holy Spirit died on the cross.  God the Son returned to heaven and God the Father sent God the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name.  This does not mean that God the Holy Spirit has less of a value than God the Father.  All have different tasks and roles.  All three persons worked together to save us.  All three persons are God. 
      So praise God for Divine Economy.  Without God the Father's love, God the Son would not have come to the earth.  Without God the Son's obedience to God the Father, even to death on the cross, we could not be saved.  Without God the Holy Spirit being sent by God the Father in God the Son's name, we could not be saved. 

$56 million for tortises?

In Genesis 1:28 we read:  "God blessed them [Adam and Eve] and said to them 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.  Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves on the ground.' "
   God has given us an awesome task to subdue the earth and rule over every living creature that moves on the ground.  These creatures include the desert tortoises.  In the southern part of Nevada, in the Mojave desert, Brightsource is building $2.2 billion system.  The US Federal government has ponied up $1.6 billion dollar loan guarantee.  But alas, as they planned to build the mirrors to focus the sun's energy on the water towers to heat the water to steam to power the turbines, some 38 tortoises were projected to lose their homes.  Not a problem because as man is supposed to rule over the earth, the Bureau of Land Management agreed that the tortoises should be moved.   It turns out that there were 144 tortoises that were found.  But Brightsource, with $1.6 billion loan guarantee checkbook wrote a big check to move these 144 tortoises into new homes which will have heated burrows.  The cost to move them?  Do I hear $5,000?  Do I hear $100,000?  No, it cost us $388,888 for each tortoise.   And that is just the cost to move them.  Brightsource with a government backed loan, will watch over them for five years.  That is right - $56 million was spent to move the 144 tortoises and to rehouse them.  So far nineteen tortoises have died.
      While God has placed man in charge of the world - to subdue it and to rule over it, one asks "What would Jesus do?"  Would Jesus spend $388,888 to move each tortoise?  Is that good use of our money?
[Information on the tortoises is from "The Slow and Steady Path to Solar Power" article in the 08-14 October 12 issue of Business Weekly.]