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Royal Succession - Pro-Life Wins Again

CBS reports:  "There is nothing like an impending Royal baby to fuel a frenzy"  now that Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Canterbury are expecting their first born.  Type in "royal baby" in Google and there are 374,000,000 entries. 
Officially he will be third in line - Prince Philip, Prince William, and Prince to be born.  The whole world is anticipating the birth of this child. 
     I find it fascinating that everybody is calling this little one "child" or "baby."  Very few are calling it "fetus."  Type in "royal fetus" and you get 3 million hits, 1/100 less than royal baby.  And the first page of hits all mention the fact that everyone is calling it a baby, not a fetus. 
     The royal couple and even the media has it right - and we should too.

Christmas and a Wedding

    My son Philip got married on the 21st of December and four days later we celebrated Christmas.  I was trying to figure out how I could combine both of these events in a blog.  What does my son’s marriage have to do with Christmas?
    After several days, it slowly dawned on me - the two are very much related.  In Ephesians 5:25-27 we read “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for her;  26 that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, 27 that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that she should be holy and without blemish.” (NIV has the impersonal “it” for church; traditionally the church is a she, so I have changed the it to she/her.)  So Jesus Christ came to the earth (Christmas) to sanctify (make holy) the church and to cleanse the church from her sins.  Christ so loved the church that He was willing to die for her.  In the same way, Philip so loves his wife Pulane that he is willing to die for her.  So Philip has the perfect role model - Christ. 
     May God the Father richly bless their marriage.  May Christ the Son be their role model.  May the Holy Spirit sanctify their marriage.

KIng Herod the Great, the Slayer

    Caesar Augustus said "It is better to be Herod's swine than his son."  He said this because King Herod the Great was rather paranoid and he would kill those who did not agree with him.  He tortured the following:
   (1)  his three eunuchs
   (2)  masters of his house
   (3)  governor of the castle
   (4)  Tero, with his son and the barber
   (5)  maid-servants
   (6)  Antipater of Samaria, the steward of his son Antipater
   (7)  Antiphilus's mother and brother
   (8)  Antipater, his son
And he killed the following:
   (1)  45 members of the Sadducees who had opposed him
   (2)    Tero, his son, and the barber
   (3)  his uncle (and brother-in-law) Joseph
   (4)     Mariamne's (his favorite wife) grandfather, Hyrcanus, who had been his close friend and who served as high priest
   (5)    Mariamne's (his favorite wife) mother, Alexandra
   (6)  drowned his favorite wife's (Mariamne's) brother, Aristobulus
   (7)  Soëmus who had been placed in charge of Mariamne
   (8)  his favorite wife, Mariamne
   (9)  his two favorite sons, Alexander and Aristobulus, by his favorite wife, Mariamne, and
   (10) 300 soldiers who tried to rescue the two sons
   (11) his son Antipater five days before he (Herod) dies

I have not even mentioned the killing of the babes at Bethlehem.  You can see that the killing of the babes at Bethlehem is totally consistent with his paranoia.  The Wisemen probably arrived the same year that he was on his death bed.  After the wisemen arrived and left, he killed his oldest son, which was just five days before he died.

God the Father protected His Son, Jesus, the Son of Mary from the evil monster.

Global Warming

Global Warming is definitely happening.  But the next question is "What is normal?"
For example, around 1000 AD we have good evidence that it was fairly warm - think of Lief Erickson landing on Greenland and them finding grapes in Vineland (which is today Newfoundland).  So clearly around 1000 AD it was fairly warm.
Is that normal?
      Today it is not as warm as 1000 AD.  Is that normal?
      I am listening to a book on CD, Bound for Canaan, and it discusses how the slave used to cross the Ohio River because the Ohio River froze over.  Remember that  famous passage of Uncle Tom's Cabin where Eliza flees across the OhioIs that normal?
      In 1316-1317 we have reports of freezing temperatures across much of Europe.  For example in 1316 it was so cold that the entire Baltic was frozen over.  In 1317 the chroniclers wrote that the weather was so cold that it many crops could not grow at all in northern France, Germany, and England and famine ensued.  Ten percent of northern Europeans died.  Is that normal? 
      I would agree that the earth is getting warmer.  But what is normal?
1317 when the Baltic and much of the North Sea froze over and crops could not grow?
1840s when the Ohio River routinely was frozen solid?
2012 when we have a heat wave?
1000 when Greenland was called Greenland and grapes were growing in Newfoundland?
So I ask again - What is normal?
Did man, without the combustion engine and burning of coal, cause the earth to warm so much that there were grapes in Newfoundland?  If man caused that, did man also cause the earth to cool so much that it was so cold that the Baltic froze solid?  If so, how did man do that? 
Did man cause the warming and then the cooling of the earth so in the 1840s the Ohio River is frozen over?
      Is man behind these changes?
      Methinks that we have too highly exalted view of mankind.
      We should be thanking God that we had warm weather and that the crops could grow.  Think of the famines of 1317 when no crops could grow in France, England and Germany and 10% of the northern population died in a single year.  Be thankful for global warming.

Pagans and the Bible

I have been listening to Fergus M. Bordewich's Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America.  Unfortunately, that era has better Biblical knowledge than this era.  For example, he describes the Underground Railroad ‘There was no regular organization, no constitution, no officers, no laws or agreement or rule except the 'The Golden Rule, "and every man did what seemed right in his own eyes."
   As pagans, neither Mr. Bordewich, nor any of his editors or researchers, did  know that the Golden Rule is actually " And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. (KJV) or " Do to others as you would have them do to you." (NIV).
    So let us not be like Teyve who is always saying "As the Good Book says" and then misquotes the Bible.  Or like Fergus M. Bordewich, a renowned author, but who is clueless to what the Bible says.
    Let us resolve to practice the real Golden Rule "Do to others as you would have them do to you" and let us also read the Good Book!!!

The latest Business Weekly, 10-16 December just arrived.  In it they have an excellent interview with Tim Cook, Apple's CEO.  He says "My own personal philosophy on giving is best stated in a [John F.] Kennedy quote "To whom much is given, much is expected."  Too bad he does not quote the real author, Jesus Christ, who said "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."  Luke 12:48