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History and Christianity

  I have been hired as an adjunct to teach a World History course.  The book I am using de-emphasizes Christianity and changes history.  Some examples: 
1.  "The Roman authorities, perceiving his [Jesus's] large following as a threat crucified him."
The Jews plotted to kill Christ and the reason that Caiaphas asked for Jesus's death was because he and the Sanhedrin correctly perceived that Jesus claimed to be God.  They were not concerned with the 12 disciples. 
2.  "Jesus became the Christ."
No, Jesus was always Christ.
3.  "For some, the gospel of Jesus promised a better material life."  That is why so many have taken vows of poverty when they became Christians.
4.  "In the late second century the Romans began persecuting the Christians as 'heretics' (because of their rejection of the traditional Roman gods) and a social revolutionaries (for their loyalty to a lord higher than the emperor of Rome)."
Began in the late second century?  Why were 10 of the 12 apostles martyred?  How about Nero?
Heretics is for those inside the church who go against the church.  But Christianity was outside the Roman traditional gods, so they could never be accused of heresy. 
Christians have always believed that the LORD was higher than the Roman emperor, but it certainly did not start late in the 2nd century AD.  Daniel, an Old Testament believer, believed that God was higher than Nebuchadnezzar. 

Lord, help me explain the truth to my students.

History and Evolution

     I just began teaching World History at the Tidewater Community College.  In the first paragraph of the first page, they say that "Scientists estimate that the earth may be as many as 6 billion years old and that the first humanlike creatures appeared in Africa perhaps 3-5 million years ago."  By page 3 they are start with 8,000 B.C., and by page 8 they are at 4,000 B.C. and the next line they are at 3,000 B.C.
     So real history with real humans begins almost the same time as what various civilizations say.  Thus, this is 4711 in Chinese calendar, so they start their history at 2697 B.C., and this is Jewish year 5774, so they start their history at 3760 B.C.
    So without written proof, the millions of years of "humanlike creatures" comes down to a much more realistic 4000 years B.C.
The challenge is to think and not blindly accept what the world spews out.  Also, let us look forward to heaven where we won't have to worry about calendars.

New Year's Resolutions: Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin thought that the way he could get better was to follow the 13 virtues.  He resolved to concentrate on each virtue for an entire week.  He thought that at the end of each week, he would be following that virtue, and then he could move on to the second virtue in the second week.  If successful, at the end of 13 weeks, he would be leading a very moral life. 
    I certainly applaud Benjamin Franklin for trying to improve himself.  We too often do not try hard enough to be virtuous.  But Benjamin Franklin's biggest fault was that he thought he could do it himself by himself.  He eventually gave up on this plan as he found that he kept sliding back into the old ways.  We too cannot become virtuous without committing our lives to God and then asking God the Father to send the Holy Spirit to live in us, to be with us.  Only with His help will we become better, and we won't be perfect until we get to heaven.

Lord God Almighty, send they Holy Spirit upon us so that we will be truly Thy children.  In Jesus name, Amen.