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Buddhism and Christianity

   In studying Buddhism I was struck by the purposeless of Buddhism.  The final goal is to not to exist!!!  When you arrive at Nirvana, you no longer have any desire and that happens only when you have no body.  You end merging into non-existence.
    What is curious about Buddhism is the belief that there is no God.  So who judges you for what you do?

Praise God that we have a God who loved us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to take on the human body and to die for us physically in order that we (body and soul, mind and strength) might be saved.  Further, when Christ went to heaven He did not shed His human body.  His human body is in heaven. 

Hinduism & Christianity

   Hinduism has an interesting view on women.  From Wikipedia we learn that "The "Law of Manu" was cited favorably by Friedrich Nietzsche, who deemed it "an incomparably spiritual and superior work" to the Christian Bible."  But I will let  you the reader to decide.  Below are some quotes from Manusmriti:
Women have no divine right to perform any religious ritual, nor make vows or observe a fast. Her only duty is to obey and please her husband and she will for that reason alone be exalted in heaven.  5-158
While performing namkarm and jatkarm, Vedic mantras are not to be recited by women, because women are lacking in strength and knowledge of Vedic texts.  Women are impure and represent falsehood.  9/18
In case of any problem in performing religious rites, males between the age of 24 and 30 should marry a female between the age of 8 and 12.  9/93
    If I understand the the Hindu tradition correctly, after the women reach the highest caste (Brahman) as a female, they then start all over at the lowest caste (Shudras) as a male and then work their way back up to Brahman before they can go to Nirvana.

Some comments:  First, we have one chance in this world to get it right.  So believe.  There will not be a reincarnation and you won't have a second or third or fourth chance.
     Second, in Christianity men and women appear before God as they were created.  Women who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior can go directly to heaven as females.  Women who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior go directly to hell as females. 
     So praise God that God does not restrict going to heaven to males alone.  Praise God the Father that He has given us God the Son to be our Savior.

History and Christianity - Part II

     The textbook that I use is an amazing one for its concentration on unimportant things and its ignoring the essentials of Christianity.  Let me give you some examples.
- the resurrection of Jesus Christ is perhaps the best documented event in the ancient times.  The text book states "His followers proclaimed that he had been resurrected from the dead."  Note that the textbook does not view it as an historical fact, only "his followers proclaimed." 
- Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus is not listed in the index.  You have to go to Christianity and then you will find Jesus as a sub-entry.
- on the section entitled "Christianity - Religions of the World" there are three pictures.  One is of a Bible with a cross on it, one is beautiful plaque from the Mosan School of Pentecost, and one is of the ordination of V. Gene Robinson, the Episcopalian homosexual bishop.  So being a homosexual is what defines being a Christian?  They could not have put the Pope, or the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, or Billy Graham?  How about a picture of Christians giving aid - Mother Theresa or working in Sudan? 
- There are one and a half pages on Mohammad and there are over one billion Muslims.  There is 3/4s of a page dedicated to Mahavira and the Jain tradition.  Total followers three million in India.  Jesus of Nazareth (not Jesus Christ) gets 3/4s of a page for the most populous religion with over two billion followers. 
- "Although the new belief spread quickly to the Jewish communities of Syria and Asia Minor, without the conversion of Saint Paul it might have had only a short life as a despised heresy."  So Paul is what made Christianity?
   The list goes on and on. 
So trying to teach real history is a lot of hard work.