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The Thin Horse Market

     I teach World Civilization at a local community college.  A community college is an institution that teaches the basic courses at a less expensive rate. 
     The World Civilization course that I use has a chapter on China and in that chapter they have a discussion on the thin horse market of Yangzhou.  The "thin horse market" of Yangzhou was a market where men came and bought women to be their concubines.  Peasants often sold their young daughters to middlemen who then raised them to be concubines.  They would have their feet bound as it was more erotic, and they were taught the basics of singing, calligraphy, etc.  Then they were sold to the rich.
     The book puts a very positive spin on it.  For example it states:  "For a poor peasant household, after a bad harvest and faced with high taxes, the sale of a comely daughter often seemed preferable to the sale of ancestral land."  And again, "Was a woman better off as the wife of a poor peasant, experiencing hardship, hunger, and want, or as the concubine in a wealthy household with servants, good food, and the likelihood that her children would receive an education?"
      God created women to be help-mates, not to be sold on the market like a horse.  Women are humans, not horses.  They should be loved and cherished, not bought and sold.
      Lord, help us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

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