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The Printing Press and the Bible

    Johann Gutenberg invented the moveable type printing press in the West around 1450.  Note that the Chinese had developed their moveable type printing press (clay) around 1041 A.D. and the Koreans had the first metal moveable type printing press in 1230.  But these did not reach the West. 
      Having invented the printing press, and having no competition, Johann Gutenberg could have printed any book that he wanted to.  So which book did he chose?  He chose the Bible (in Latin Vulgate of course).  And then he went printed about 200 copies in paper and about thirty copies in vellum (calf skin).  What was impressive was that you could read it without glasses as the type was neat.  Both copies were hand painted so that they did not look like something cheaply done.
      Why did he chose the Bible?  We do not know as the Bible was infrequently read as a Bible in the church.  In the church they would have read the missal, which is "a book containing all that is said or sung at mass during the entire year" (Websters). 
       Nevertheless, he chose the Bible and now these Gutenberg Bibles are probably the most expensive book to buy.  Fortunately, today Bibles are plentiful.  But do you treasure the Bible as an artifact (I have a Bible from the 1807 that my ancestors used) or do you treasure the Bible as God's Word to you?