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Kneeling in Praying

     In Luke 22:41 we read that Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane "withdrew about a stone's throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed."  We often imaging Jesus kneeling (for example see
But Matthew 26:39 we read how he actually prayed.  "Going a little farther, He fell with his face to the ground and prayed."  So He knelt down (Lk 22:41) and then while kneeling had his face to the ground."
     Food for thought:  should we kneel when we pray vice just sitting in our comfortable easy chair or lying in our bed?

    Lord, helps us to pray.

Re: Kneeling in Praying

Great sermon today! I have been thinking about it a lot through out the day. I think the kneeling is not necessarily a requirement but there are many examples of kneeling in the Bible. I love the challenge of finding ways to increase the intensity with which we pray. I think the act of kneeling or being face down on the floor is really an outward expression of the attitude of our hearts toward God. With that being said, the intensity of our prayers could be demonstrated in so many ways. I have been on my knees in the past and recently even with a bad knee. Although I have been on my knees for Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving to God, I am typically on my knees for supplications. I want God to do something for me or for someone I love. I want to kneel more often for Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving. As I thought about the intensity of my prayer today other ideas came to mind about how I could pray that would really can't help but increase my intensity. Here are just some of my thoughts :-) 1. Study the attributes of God and then take a look at my life and see how each attribute has been demonstrated in my life. For example, How has His sovereignty been present in my life? What about His wisdom? His compassion? His faithfulness? I could go on but you get the point I am sure. 2. When confessing, don't be general about sin. Be specific and name the offense, own it. Then consider that Jesus has purified me from all unrighteousness. That He presents me to the Father as if I had never sinned! 3. Make it a practice to have a gratitude list and add to it every day. Spend time in prayer, thanking God for the things on that list. 4. Supplication -- I am great at praying for others needs. I am not so good at praying for my own. I guess I think all of you are doing that. :-) But I plan to pray for my own relationship with God. That I will know Him more; that I will know Jesus more intimately than I know Him right now. That I will be better able to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit. I have been a Christian since I was 13 but I pray sometimes as if God is limited in some way. It's almost as if I am afraid to pray something, because I don't want to stump God by presenting a request that is too large. I am learning to pray bigger, but God is Immense and NOTHING is too difficult for Him! I haven't scratched the surface of who He really is. I want to pray to know Him and to trust Him with great things and small. I want to enjoy and look forward to my time with Him and not just check of a box on my 'to-do' list for the day. Thanks again for your sermon. It has inspired me!!! PS. Don't know why the preview doesn't show paragraphs. Sorry if this is hard to read.

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