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Neanderthal - Hoax - Part 2

"Another of the professor's [Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten] sensational finds, "Binshof-Speyer" woman, lived in 1,300 BC and not 21,300 years ago, as he had claimed, while "Paderborn-Sande man" (dated at 27,400 BC) only died a couple of hundred years ago, in 1750."
    In fact, the professor could not even operate his own Carbon-14 dating machine.

"The truth shall set you free."  John 8:32

Archaeoraptor - Hoax

In 1999 Stephen A. Czerkas purchased the archaeoraptor fossil for $80,000.  This unique fossil had bird like wings and a dinosaur tail.  The National Geographic hailed it as a new animal in the "Feathers for T. Rex?" in the November 1999 issue. 
     But the dinosaur tail became more like a tall tale because at least three (possibly five) parts of the fossils were pieced together and this new composite was sold as one.  Once again some believe what they want to believe, even though evidence proves otherwise.

Tasaday Stone Age Tribe - Hoax

     In the August 1972 National Geographic magazine there is an article on the Tasaday tribe, a stone age tribe in the Philippines.  They supposedly did not know the words "war" or "weapons."  These primitive savages were supposedly peaceful, even though there is picture of a man with a stone axe.
     In fact, it was a hoax.  They were acting for the benefit of the journalists.  This is another case when we review the evidence and we project our ideas on what we want to see.  Duped again.
    Cain killing Abel is the first murder, and there have been murders ever since.

Piltdown Man - Hoax

     In 1912 amateur archaeologist Charles Dawson claimed he had discovered the "missing link" between ape and man. In fact, it was a combination of an orangutan jaw and a human skull.  But scientists believed what they wanted to believe and it was a scientific fact.  Thirteen years later, in the famous Scopes monkey trial between John Darrow and William Jennings Bryan.  It was not until 1953 that the scientific community established definitively that it was a hoax.

Lord, help us to trust Your word, not to elevate science over Your word.

Sunday rest

     Yesterday I had to go into work after this morning's worship service.  Instead of being able to rest, I worked for four hours.  Working did not allow me to fellowship with the congregation after the morning worship service, to take an afternoon nap, to study God's word.  It was worship service and then work.  And then I felt exhausted.  God really knew what he was doing when He said, "Six days you shall labor, and the seventh day is a day of rest."

Ben Hur 2016

   There is a new Ben Hur film out, but I have not seen it.  There were also two previous films on Ben Hur, a 1925 that used 125,000 extras and a 1959 film with the superb chariot race.  Interestingly, in the 1959 film, you never see the face of Christ.  For example, when Ben Hur is in Nazareth, Jesus offers water to him.  You see Jesus's hands, but never His face.  You see the soldiers shrink back from Jesus.  When Jesus speaks the beatitudes, you see the people coming towards the camera, and then you hear Jesus's voice, but you never see Jesus's face.  I think the 1959 version was obeying the Second Commandment of not making graven images.

Blood and Clotting

    Have you ever thought of what happens when you cut yourself and you begin to bleed?  Why don't you bleed to death?  The reason is that your blood clots and then the bleeding stops.  But how did all this begin in the first place?  And why does blood clotting work only at the place of injury and not through the rest of the body?  When you cut your finger, your blood clots only at the place of injury, not through the rest of the body.  Why?
    Because God designed it that way.  It is such a marvelous system that all the parts work together so that we can live.
     Thank you Lord for making our bodies so wonderfully.

Coronation of Mary

    According to the Roman Catholics, not only did Mary ascend into heaven, but she was also crowned Queen of Heaven.  See
    Notice that Mary is not bending before Jesus - she is equal to Jesus.  Nowhere in the Bible do we read that Mary is the Queen of Heaven.  Luke 1:42 states "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!"  But being blessed among women is not the same as being hailed Queen of Heaven.

Assumption of Mary

     Today Roman Catholics, the Orthodox churches, and some Anglicans celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, which is when Mary bodily ascended into heaven and then was crowned by Christ.  (See for example:  Some say she died first, and then was taken into heaven.  Others say that she did not die, but was taken into heaven at the end of her life.  This is such an important day for the Roman Catholics that 15 August is a holy day of obligation.
     However this belief is not based on the Bible.  The last time Mary the mother of Jesus is mentioned is in Acts 1:14 where the apostles had gathered together in prayer after Christ's resurrection and ascension and before Pentecost.  We say Sola Scriptura, only the Bible.  We should not make up things that are not in the Bible, and then proclaim that is an infallible (without mistake) belief.

I'm sorry

Why is it so hard to say "I'm sorry"? I think the reason is that it deals with pride. To say "I'm sorry" is to admit that you have made a mistake. Because of pride, we don't want to admit that we have made a mistake. Perhaps that is why pride is often the first on the list of the 7 Deadly Sins. In today's political campaigns, it would be good for candidates to say that "I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I should not have said that." But most people don't want to admit that they are wrong. We know they are, but they refuse to say that they are sorry. They thus pretend to be perfect, to be god, when we all know that they have clay feet. Lord, show us our faults.

Does Character matter in Politics?

Does character matter in politics? Can a person be trusted in public matters if he or she is not trustworthy in private matters? The French have an expression: "Qui vole un oeuf, vole un boeuf." Translated it means, he who steals an egg, will steal a bull. If you are trustworthy in small, private things, you will be trustworthy in large things. Character does matter. Lord, help us be trustworthy in private and public matters.

Who is more important? God or Humans?

My wife and I are in Michigan visiting our daughter, her husband, and their four children. My son took a bus from Chicago to join the fun. The problem is that his bus arrived at 5:30 PM Sunday night, which was the same time as church. The question was "Should we pick him up and miss church, or go to church and pick him up later?" Our oldest granddaughter. Lydia, said "Who is more important? God or Elijah? We should go to church!" Excellent question. Our solution was that most of use went to church and Lydia and I drove to the bus station to pick him up to offer him some Christian hospitality.

What does it mean to be a disciple?

Last Sunday night we heard an interesting sermon on discipleship. The challenge is that Jesus never called his disciples Christians. In Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples [not Christians] of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." His emphasis was that we have to obey. Many people believe, but do not obey. Thus, the question is do they really believe if they are not obeying? Lord, we call You LORD, but we then go our own way. Help us to obey YOU.

Where is your hope?

Where is your hope? Do you place your hope in politicians, or do you place your trust in God? Politics can't solve your problems. The government is run by people, who are humans with flaws. Just because they are in the government does not mean that suddenly they are transformed into know-all, omnipotent people. My hope is in the Lord, Who is perfect and holy, omniscient (all knowing - all science), and omnipotent (all powerful.) He is all full of love. Let us put our hope in the Lord, not on frail humans.

119 to 1

Recently a politician made a speech. In 43 minutes, he mentioned I, my, we, our, 119 times and he mentioned God only once, the pro-forma God bless America at the end of his speech. Perhaps the ratio should have been reversed. Lord, help us to lift our eyes to You, not to politicians.