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Brain size - II

Darwin wrote:  “With civilized nations, the reduced size of the jaws from lessened use-the habitual play of different muscles serving to express different emotions-and the increased size of the brain from greater intellectual activity, have together produced a considerable effect on their general appearance when compared with savages . . . It is admitted that the man’s cerebral hemispheres are absolutely and relatively larger than those of orang[utan] and the chimpanzee . . . Again, as respects the questions of absolute size, it is established that the difference between the largest and the smallest healthy human brain is greater than the difference between the smallest healthy human brain and the largest chimpanzee’s or orang’s brain."

Thus, Darwin believed that there was more difference between a European and an Australian aborigine then there is between an Australian aborigine and an ape. 

For Darwin, there is a sliding scale.  For Christians there are humans and there are animals.

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