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Ascension Day Part III

In Ephesians 1:20, 22 we read, that God the Father "raised him [Jesus Christ] from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms.  22 And God placed all things under His feet." 
In Joshua 10 we read the story of how Adoni-Zedek, king of Jerusalem, formed a coalition to fight against Joshua and the Israelites.  You know the story of how Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still so he could beat them.  After inflicting a terrific defeat on them and chasing them for miles, we pick up the story in verse 24:  When they had brought the kings to Joshua, he summoned all the men of Israel and said to the army commanders who had come with him, 'Come here and put your feet on the necks of these kings.'  So they came forward and placed their feet on their necks.  Joshua said to them, 'Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.  Be strong and courageous!  This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are goint to fight.' Then Joshua struck and killed the kings and hung them on five trees."
When Paul says that everything is put under the feet of Jesus, remember this story.  Notice the tense.  He placed (past tense) all things under His feet.  This is an accomplished action.

Thank You Father for making Jesus the king of kings.

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