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Baseball - hitting

In tonight's Major League Baseball's All Star game.  Some say that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports.  The reason is that the diameter of the baseball is three inches, but the average diameter of the sweet spot of the bat is 2 3/4".  To further complicate it, the average strike zone is 612 inches (more for a guy like Aaron Judge).  Thus, the baseball occupies about 2% of the plate.  The time between when the pitcher releases the baseball and when the batter needs to begin his swing is .43 seconds for a 95 MPH fastball or .53 seconds for a 77 MPH curve ball.  The fastball will drop an average of 1 1/3 inches while a curve ball will drop 14".  Thus, in about a half a second the batter has to decide if he wants to swing at a pitch.  If he does, the mind must project where that pitch is going to end up and then begin his swing then, trying to make the 2% a 100% chance.
How is this possible?
Well, God created us with remarkable eye-hand coordination.  Praise God.

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