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Egyptian Legends - Part III

In the Egyptian legends, Osiris marries his sister, Isis, and their brother, Set, marries their sister, Nephthys.   Osiris sleeps with Nephythys, thinking that she is Isis.

Once again we see that these gods are really super-humans and certainly not all knowing.  How they can get confused?  It happened with Jacob when he slept with Leah, thinking she was Rachel, perhaps because he was intoxicated.  But can God be fooled?  A god yes, but the God, no.

Egyptian Legends - Part II

After Set is resurrected by his sister, he is killed again by Set, and this time he is hacked to pieces.  When he is put together by his sister again, he is missing his manhood, and then he is demoted to the underworld because he is not a complete person.

It is fascinating to see how the Egyptian gods get fooled, killed, and demoted.

Egyptian Legends - Part I

I teach Western Civilization and one of the classes I teach is on Egypt.  The Egyptian have a legend on Osiris, the god of fertility.  However, he is fooled by his brother Set, and hops into a jeweled box and the box then becomes his coffin.

Egyptian gods are anthropomorphic - i.e., gods with human characteristics.  How can a god not know that the box was going to be a trap?

Teacher's Pet

We went to see the 1958 film Teacher's Pet, starring Clark Gable and Dorris Day.  I was amazed at the differences.  We watched the entire film and there was not a single blasphemy or crude word.  A true comedy that we laughed and laughed at.  Clark Gable did not end up in bed with any woman before marriage.  After seeing what goes on today on TV and in films, it was a joy to see a good clean film.  This film is highly rated.

The Solar Eclipse - Part 2

Today at work we were having a discussion about solar eclipses.  One person mentioned that the solar eclipse happened when Jesus died on the cross and that is why it went black for three hours.
   There are two problems with that.  First, today was a new moon, but the Passover occurs during a full moon.  Second, Luke writes "It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon,"  Solar eclipses don't last three hours and cause darkness for that long.  The actual time that the sun is blotted out is minutes, not hours.
Rather, the darkness was a sign that God was displeased with Christ - even the sun failed.

Thank you Father for placing our sins on Jesus Christ.

The Solar Eclipse - Part 1

What is special about the solar eclipse?  It is a proof of God!
We live in an orderly world because we have a God of order, not disorder and chaos.  Many ancient religions believed in a god of chaos.  That is who the Devil is.  But our God reigns, and solar eclipses can be predicted.

Thank you God for being King.

The Gospel in Vermont III

Gospel means "Good News!!" and that was not being preached in the two churches we visited there.  The Gospel is that if you believe in Christ as your Savior, He will take away your sins.  But sin was avoided.  The necessity of believing in Christ was not brought out.

Please pray for Vermont.

The Gospel in Vermont II

The heresy of the new translation.
What is heresy?  Heresy is an adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma.
"Hallowed be Thy name" became "Focus your light within us - make it useful."
In the first version, we have a plea for God's holiness.   The Heidelberg Catechism says that this plea means "Help us to truly know You, to honor, glorify, and praise You for all Your works and for all that shines forth from them: Your almighty power, wisdom, kindness, justice, mercy, and truth."
Note the emphasis is on God.  The new "prayer" shifts the emphasis to us.
Bah humbug on the new "prayer."

Please pray for Vermont.

The Gospel in Vermont I

Today we went to church in Vermont, and although much of the liturgy was sound, there was also some unsound liturgy.
Our Father who art in heaven became O Birther! Father- Mother of the Cosmos
First, when Christ prayed, He used the word "Our."  It is a personal God.  The new version deletes that personal tie.
Second, Christ clearly refers to His Father as Father.  He does not refer to God the Father as Father-Mother. 
Third, Christ states specifically where the Father is.  He is in heaven.  The new version changes the location where God reigns to him being just "of" the Cosmos.

Please pray for Vermont.