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The Solar Eclipse - Part 2

Today at work we were having a discussion about solar eclipses.  One person mentioned that the solar eclipse happened when Jesus died on the cross and that is why it went black for three hours.
   There are two problems with that.  First, today was a new moon, but the Passover occurs during a full moon.  Second, Luke writes "It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon,"  Solar eclipses don't last three hours and cause darkness for that long.  The actual time that the sun is blotted out is minutes, not hours.
Rather, the darkness was a sign that God was displeased with Christ - even the sun failed.

Thank you Father for placing our sins on Jesus Christ.

The Solar Eclipse - Part 1

What is special about the solar eclipse?  It is a proof of God!
We live in an orderly world because we have a God of order, not disorder and chaos.  Many ancient religions believed in a god of chaos.  That is who the Devil is.  But our God reigns, and solar eclipses can be predicted.

Thank you God for being King.