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Persecuted Christians - VI

On 03 January 2017 Adel Suleiman slit the throat of Joseph Lam‘i, a Copt.  Why? Because Joseph sold alcohol.  Despite there being a video of the killing, he was never brought to trial.  Despite confessing to the murder, Adel Suleiman was never brought to trial.

Lord, we plead with thee that the killings will stop.

Persecuted Christians - V

Please pray for the Copts.  Copts are Egyptian Christians, and although, like the Christians in Indonesia, make up at least 10% of the population, they are facing constant persecution.  Many are denied work permits.  But worse, the Muslims are targeting them.  Remember the Palm Sunday bombing of the Coptic church in Tanta, where 27 people were killed and 78 wounded?  Despite having an excellent police force, the terrorists have not been found.  And that same day in Alexandria, another bomb went off in a Coptic church and 17 were killed and 48 wounded. 

Persecuted Christians - IV

Indonesia with the largest Muslim population of any country used to be described as a moderate Muslim country.  However, all of this is changing.  The former Jakarta governor, Ahok, was condemned for blaspheming the Koran on 09 May 17 and was sentenced to two years in prison. 
   This is one of many stories coming out of Indonesia.

Please pray that the Christians will be able to speak the truth in love and that they will not be persecuted.

Persecuted Christians - III

Are we still praying for the Chibok girls?  On 14 Apr 2014, the militant Islamic group, Boko Haram,  captured 276 Chibok girls, the majority of whom were Christians.  Fifty-seven girls escaped that same day.  Of the remaining 219 Christian girls, some were free last fall, and 82 were freed in May of this year.  However, 113 girls are still missing.  All of these girls have become "brides" and many were raped. 

Lord, we ask for their release.  Lord, hear our prayers

Persecuted Christians - II

Are you praying for the persecuted church?  They need our prayers.  In Iraq in 2003, there were 1.4 million Christians in Iraq.  Now there are fewer than 250,000 Christian left.  Many of the Christians used to live in Nineveh, Jonah's old stomping ground.  Mosul has been destroyed, but the Christians there have not been able to return and rebuild. (22 Sep)

Please pray for the persecuted church.

Persecuted Christians - I

Andrew Brunson? 
He, a Presbyterian minister of the Izmir Resurrection Church, has been in prison since 07 October 2016.  Then in August, he was accused of colluding with an Islamic terrorist group.
Please pray that he will be released.
Please also pray for his wife Norine.

Labor Day - Type of Work (Part II)

What are some types of work that we see saints doing?  Jesus was a carpenter, Peter was a fisherman, Paul was a tent maker, Cornelius was a centurion (military officer), Simon was a tanner, David and Moses were shepherds, Amos a keeper of sycamore-fig trees, Boaz a wheat farmer, Ezra a priest (there is a clergyman), and Nehemiah a cup-bearer.  As you can see from the list, there were lots of different jobs.  One job is not more valuable than another.  All jobs are required.

Labor Day - Type of Work

Monday is Labor Day.  Is one type of labor better than another type of labor?  Certain labor is clearly not appropriate for Christians - unethical work or doing illegal labor, e.g., fencing stolen goods, or prostitution.  But is other labor, e.g., being a minister, better than being a plumber?
     Traditionally, (i.e., during the Middle Ages), all work was done by one of two categories ob people - either they were clergy (religious) or laity.  But that distinction is not in the Bible.  The Reformation changed that.  All work is valid work.

Lord, thank You for making all work valuable.