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What are you watching? Dark Passage

A little more than 70 years ago, Dark Passage, was released on 27 September.  My wife and I watched the film and it is a great classic with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  It was refreshing to see a film without a single vulgar word or blasphemy.  Further, unlike most films today, they did not jump into bed within several hours of meeting each other.  In fact, they never did. 
Film has good suspense and a lot of funny moments as well.  This gets a five star rating.

What are you reading? The People of the Book - VI

     Geraldine Brooks is no friend to Christianity.  In The People of the Book, the only sympathetic portrait of a Christian in 5 1/2 centuries is a lesbian.  Her portraits of Christians are cruel people who persecute the Jews and the Muslims who are always portrayed in a loving manner.
     I am not saying that we should white-wash the sins of Christians.  I am saying the whole story of Christianity should be detailed.

What are you reading? The People of the Book - V

     In Geraldine Brooks' People of the Book, the Christian wife of the converted Jew, thinks her child is of the devil and after birth abandons her child.
    Once again, a "righteous" Christian is portrayed as the devil incarnate.

What are you reading? The People of the Book - IV

     In Geraldine Brooks The People of the Book, the Christian wife of the Jew (see previous article on 14 Oct) goes to her parents, asking them to ransom her husband.  They are so cold-hearted, they do not redeem their son-in-law.
     Once again, "righteous" Christians are portrayed as evil incarnate.

What are you reading? The People of the Book - III

     In Geraldine Brook's The People of the Book, we meet the perfidious Christians of the Spanish Inquisition.  A Jew converts to Christianity and then the Spanish Inquisition does not think that he is Christian enough and tortures him - not just mental torture, but physical torture.  Thus, the kind Christians are lesbians, and the orthodox Christians are torturers.  Geraldine Brooks never portrays Christians in a positive light.

What are you reading? The People of the Book - II

     The People of the Book is about the Sarajevo Haggadah, a very old Jewish manuscript from around 1450.  In it the book's origins is from Spain.  The most sympathetic Christian we meet is a girl who was captured by a Muslim emir and became his wife.  She then becomes bisexual, taking a girl for her lover.
     Thus, the nicest Christian we meet is a lesbian. 

What are you reading? The People of the Book - I

     Geraldine Brooks, a prolific author and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, wrote The People of the Book.  In the very first chapter - in the first several pages, the heroine Hanna, (a Jewess) is in bed with a Muslim, Ozren Karamen on the very first night they met. 
     The not so subtle message is that it is okay to have pre-marital sex.
     People used to say that reading is better than television.  I am not so sure as both can be tools to twist what is right and make good, sin, and sin, good.

Lord, help us to use discernment.

Why the Massacre in Las Vegas? Part II

    I think one reason for the massacre is because of the lack of fear of eternal punishment (see "Why the Massacre in Las Vegas?  Part I).
    I would contend that the second reason is because of a culture of death.  We live in an age where death is rampant.  Exhibit A is the abortion industry.  A woman becomes pregnant and the solution is to kill the unborn.  That is called infanticide.  Getting too old and can't take care of yourself?  Senicide takes care of that problem.
    Life has become cheap.  Whether it is shooter games, or violent movies.  I love James Bond films, but in The Spy Who Loved Me, he kills 31 people, and another 116  people are killed.  In the Quantum of Solace, he kills another 16.  Legolas kills 57 people in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  And Chicago saw in 2016: "762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims."

Why the Massacre in Las Vegas? Part I

   Before I wrote, I wanted to do some thinking about the massacre. 
   I think one reason that the massacre occurred is because of the lack of fear of God.  If you think that this life is all that there is, then you live you life like there is no eternity.  Since God will not judge you and since there is no hell, then there are no eternal consequences for doing evil on this earth. 
    This is not brought up in the conversations.  The conversations are how do you prevent the murder?  By banning guns.  But banning guns does not change the heart.  If you are intent on murder, you can drive a car into a crowd.  Abouyaaquoub, a 22-year old Muslim killed 14 and injured 121 on the 17 Aug attack.  In Marseilles, 86 people were killed by a truck driving into a crowd, far more than the Las Vegas shooting.  Or you can blow up a car with explosives. 
     External means won't work.  You need to have a change of heart.  You need to think about the eternal future, about God as a judge. 
     If there is no future penalty, then there is no change in the heart.

Lord, we ask that we will become more aware of You in this world.


You cannot predict the future.  Louis Severino is the Yankee's best pitcher this year.  He give up an average of one run every 3 innings.  Last night he gave up three runs and there was a runner on second and third base.  He lasted just one out.  Thus, he was 27 times as bad as normal. 
{Note:  a reader pointed out that his ERA was not 27 but 81.  Why?  He let in 3 runs and recorded one out.  If he allowed one run in one inning, his ERA is 9.  He let in three runs in one inning so his ERA is 27.  But he only recorded one out, so his ERA is really 81.  His ERA was 2.98 during the regular season.  My statement is true that he was 27 times worse, but I should have explained that his ERA was really 81.}
   Another Yankee is Didi Gregorious had a .125 record against the Minnesota pitcher, Santana.  But he hit a three run home run.

Man does not know and cannot know the future.

Best Colleges?

The Wall St. Journal just published their top 500 colleges in the U.S.  Interestingly, Master's University, a small Christian college that did not rank in the top 500, was ranked # 1 by the students for would they choose that college again.  The WSJ ranked Dordt College as number 1 in faculty-student engagement.  Dordt professors earned $38,000/year while Harvard earned $91,000.