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You cannot predict the future.  Louis Severino is the Yankee's best pitcher this year.  He give up an average of one run every 3 innings.  Last night he gave up three runs and there was a runner on second and third base.  He lasted just one out.  Thus, he was 27 times as bad as normal. 
{Note:  a reader pointed out that his ERA was not 27 but 81.  Why?  He let in 3 runs and recorded one out.  If he allowed one run in one inning, his ERA is 9.  He let in three runs in one inning so his ERA is 27.  But he only recorded one out, so his ERA is really 81.  His ERA was 2.98 during the regular season.  My statement is true that he was 27 times worse, but I should have explained that his ERA was really 81.}
   Another Yankee is Didi Gregorious had a .125 record against the Minnesota pitcher, Santana.  But he hit a three run home run.

Man does not know and cannot know the future.