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I received a Thanksgiving message from my boss (slightly modified so as not to be too identifiable):

"Let me wish every member of our company a very happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all you do, every day, week in, week out . . . Please know all of your efforts, great and small make a difference. 
  Please take this time to think about all the great things in your individual lives - - family, friends, meaningful work - - whatever it may be for you individually
   If you are traveling, travel safely and come back to us after the holiday."

What is missing? 
First, my boss is thanking me for my work.  We should be THANKING GOD, not each other. 
Second, we should be THANKING GOD, not just thinking about this.  It is important to THANK GOD. 
Third, THANKSGIVING is a corporate activity.  The Pilgrims came together as a community, not individually.  Thanksgiving should be done together as a church. 
So go to church this Thursday.  If your church does not have a Thanksgiving service, find one that does.  Go with a cheerful and thankful heart. 

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