Our Leadership

Our church follows a Presbyterian form of church government. The word “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek New Testament word “presbuteros” which simply means “elder.” In other words, our church is led by elders. Together the elders and the pastor are called the consistory. The consistory is responsible to oversee the admission of members, exercise of church discipline and see to the spiritual health of the congregation through pastoral care. The consistory meets at least once a month.

The deacons administer the mercy of Christ to all people, especially to those who belong to the community of believers. The deacons are responsible for leading the church in faithful stewardship of time, gifts and financial resources. They encourage members to serve in ministries of mercy, justice, and reconciliation, both locally and globally. The diaconate meets at least once a month.

Church Council

The broader ministry of church is led by the church council. The council is made up of deacons, elders and the pastor. The council meets at least once a month. The council is the final authority in all organizational matters. The meetings of the council are open to the members of the congregation. The only exception is when the chair of the council declares an executive session. This would happen when any discipline is discussed. If someone wishes to speak with the council or submit written correspondence, they should contact the clerk of the council at least one week prior to the meeting, so it can be placed on the meeting agenda.

Deacons, elders and the pastor are nominated by the council and elected by the congregation. Deacons and elders are elected from within the congregation for three-year terms (they can be reelected for consecutive terms if necessary). Elections are held when a tenure comes to an end. This ordinarily happens during our congregational meeting in September.


The council has established several standing committees under its oversight. These committees are mandated to implement different aspects of ministry. Most decisions are determined at the committee level.

Our standing committees are Building & Grounds, Evangelism, Safe Church and Worship.